How to install the Staenis grid in your room

Low filling degree Staenis grate installation

Low Fill: This low filling level can only be applied when using screed as a filler. Due to the lack of legs at the connection to the walls, you have to support the battens on the walls with screed.

Standard filling level Staenis grid installation

Standard filling: This standard filling level can be used with screed, drainage mortar and tileable insulating screed. Consumption is slightly higher, but makes for easier installation.

Hoge vulgraad Staenisrooster installatie

High filling: This high filling level is applied when OSB is installed on the Staenis floor structure. This way you have beams to which you can screw and you have support in the corners.

Laying plan tool

The Staenis grid

Explanation of the Staenis grid


Staenis grid specifications

Modular reinforcement grid of 50 x 50 cm, consisting of bars and legs.

Staenis grid placement

Place the Staenis grid, adjust its height and finish your floor structure row by row.

Shorten the Staenis grid

You can easily shorten the grid for apertures of less than 110 cm or for connections to walls.

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Height adjustment Staenis grid

Height adjustable from 4.5-5 cm to 13.5 cm.

Staenis bar height

The bar is 4.5 cm high and can be cut out to a height of 1.5 cm.

Staenis grid click connections

The Staenis grid has 3 types of click systems, which makes it modular.

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Solution for Extra Beams at Staenis Floor Grating

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