Quantity calculator + price Calculator for screed, leveling compound, insulation screed, leveling granules and drainage mortar

Do you want to get started with the new installation or renovation of your floor structure? Super! There are many options and there is an ideal floor structure for every site.

But then the question is quickly asked… “What exactly do I need for this?” and above all “How many of these materials do I need?”

Once you have gone through our floor structure overview, you will immediately receive an answer to the first question. Once you know this, you can get started below with our handy tool with which we are happy to help you calculate the fillers with which you can fill in the Staenis grid and Staenis leveling grid.

It goes like this:

* This is an indication of the quantity. We recommend that you always include an extra margin on this.

Filter quantity calculator (estimate)

2.16 m³
Amount of screed required (mix yourself)
(2700 kg sand + 540 kg cement)
3240 kg
Amount of screed required from prepared bags
(Add yourself: 270 l water)
135 bags of 16 l
Amount of screed needed in silo
(Add automatically: 250 l water)
4 tons
Amount of screed required from concrete plant
3510 kg

Cost calculation (optional)

Simply place a solid and flat base for your floor yourself with the Staenis grid
and obtain a professional floor construction without experience.

The Staenis grid is a self-build system for small surfaces and makes it possible to easily create your living space, bathroom, attic, garden house and terrace floor structure yourself.

Can be covered with many types of floor coverings

Insulating - lightweight - draining - quick drying - circular

We deliver regular and tileable insulation screed in bags to your home

Betegelbare Isolatiechape of isolatiemortel in zakken kant en klaar

The insulation screed is ready-made with new EPS pearls, mixed with cement, water and specific patented additives.

The EPS pearls have a special small diameter of 2mm-6mm, in order to obtain an even flatter result with the Staenis grid.

The insulating screed in bags is easy to transport and makes it possible to insulate your floor yourself.

Non-tilable insulation screed can be used as an insulating infill in the Staenis grid, single or double clad with at least 18mm OSB. But also as an insulating filling layer, with a screed above it.

Tileable insulation screed can only be installed in combination with the Staenis grid. The Staenis grid is moisture resistant, absorbs all shrinkage and ensures a perfectly flat placement and reinforcement.

We deliver leveling compound and the suitable primer to your home

Leveling compound and primer for screed or tileable insulation screed

This cement leveling compound, which can handle layer thicknesses of up to 10 mm, is ideal for leveling, leveling and smoothing tileable insulation screed and screed screed floors.

This layer of leveling compound ensures that the rough surface of the insulation screed is nicely smoothed out, making tiling much easier.

Fast-drying dispersion primer for the pre-treatment of tileable insulation screed/insulation mortar, screed or concrete. Strengthens the top layer and ensures that the tile adhesive/leveling compound adheres better and dries out less quickly on the absorbent surface.

Tip: The consumption of tileable insulation screed/insulation mortar is much higher than that of screed. You can solve this by adding water to the primer, depending on the number of m².

We deliver screed and drainage mortar in a silo to your home

Screed and drainage mortar in silo delivered to home in Belgium

By simply pressing a button on the silo, you can prepare fresh drainage mortar or sand cement screed at a rate of 3 m³/h and this without time pressure to process the large amount of mortar.

There are 2 separate compartments in the silo. 1 part filled with porphyry (2-6mm) or sand (0/4-0/7mm) and the other part filled with dry cement (250kg/m³). These are only mixed with water when you wish.

The big advantage of this is that you can make fresh drainage mortar or sand cement screed at your own pace and for a few weeks.

We deliver aerated concrete leveling granules in bags to your home

Aerated concrete leveling granules for dry floor

Aerated concrete leveling granules are a cheaper alternative than the standard leveling granules from Fermacell, for example.

Aerated concrete leveling granules can only be installed in combination with the Staenis grid, with an OSB plate or Fermacell floor plate above it.

The aerated concrete leveling granules in bags are easy to transport and make it possible to level your floor dry yourself.

The aerated concrete leveling granules are load-bearing, so you do not need to install 8 extra legs per square meter.

We deliver cork insulation granules in bags to your home

Cork insulation granules for drying floors

Moisture-resistant expanded cork insulation granules for thermal and acoustic insulation of floors and gratings.

The cork insulation granules in bags are easily transportable and make it possible to dry level your floor yourself.

Cork insulation granules are not load-bearing, so you need 8 extra Staenis legs per square meter for extra load-bearing capacity.

We deliver high-performance lightweight mortars in bags to your home

Insulation screed and drainage mortar in bags

Cem Mini: tileable insulation screed, which is no less than five times stronger than our current Strong version. This improved strength makes it possible to install directly floating floor coverings, such as laminate, without the need for a leveling compound or OSB layer. Of course, it is also possible to glue tiles directly onto this surface. Cem Mini is also suitable for use on flat roofs, where waterproofing can be applied directly. This lightly insulating screed weighs 3 times less than a traditional screed screed, but 3 times more than the Strong tileable insulating screed version.

Cem Classic: drainage mortar, now conveniently packed in bags. This can be used/processed in the same way as the drainage mortar from a silo, but with the added advantage that it is three times lighter. This property greatly facilitates processing. Ideal for applying a water-permeable surface for small or difficult-to-reach terraces.

Quick-drying screed and leveling compound in bags

Fast: Fast-drying, fiber-reinforced screed with only 2/3 of the weight compared to traditional screed. This makes the work considerably less difficult when you work with bagged material instead of traditional screed. Ideal for applying an adhesive screed screed floor or for small spaces, both indoors and outdoors. This Fast screed is easily spreadable, allowing you to achieve a flat finish more quickly.

Paris Slim: cement leveling compound, suitable for layer thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm, is the perfect choice for leveling and leveling concrete surfaces. Although the use of the leveling grid is not necessary, it can be used for extra certainty in flatness and reinforcement. Paris Slim offers a flexible and efficient solution for creating a smooth and level base for all your flooring projects.

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