Floor insulation subsidy 2023 - premium conditions for floor structures

Discover the 2023 floor insulation subsidy and check with which floor structures you easily meet the premium conditions. We get you ready for your project!

Leveling is no longer specialist work

Staenis leveling grid: easy, up to 6x cheaper leveling for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.

Thickness or height of your terrace construction

Installing a driveway or terrace on the ground: which terrace structure to choose and which height to use?

Winwinlening + Crowdlening

We need your help with Staenis to make all floors reusable / circular!

How to install tiles yourself?

Discover a handy step-by-step plan for laying a tile floor and get started with confidence.

How to lay a wooden plate OSB floor in the attic?

How should you lay wooden OSB plates in the attic? Learn how to install your flat OSB attic floor yourself.

How to level tileable insulation screed

Do you want to level a screed or tileable insulation screed? You can obtain a perfectly flat screed floor with a leveling compound or tile adhesive.

Self-build system makes uncoupling mat superfluous

Discover the Staenis DIY system that makes an expensive uncoupling mat superfluous. This way you avoid damage to your future floor.

Staenis floor construction at Sack Zelfbouw

Discover the Staenis grid, a handy self-build system and visit a Sack Zelfbouw showroom for a preview.

Laying insulating screed yourself - save

Laying insulating screed yourself, it is also possible if you have no experience. Discover a DIY solution for laying insulation screed.

How to install a screed in a bathroom with Staenis

For a durable and even bathroom floor, you need a strong screed or floating screed. Discover how you can screed your bathroom yourself.

Is a reinforcement mesh needed in screed

To prevent cracks in a screed, the screed is often reinforced with a reinforcing mesh. But it can also be done differently.

Screed, Stabilisé, Concrete: Differences & Applications

Discover screed, stabilized and concrete: the differences, applications and tips for choosing the right floor construction and materials for your project! Build smart!

How to lay screed yourself DIY

Discover how you can lay your own screed DIY. You can do this even if you have no experience, with the help of a handy DIY system.

Price screed

What is the price of screed per m2? Learn more about the price of the various types of screed and check current screed prices.

Buy prepared screed

Do you need screed for your floor? You can make screed, buy prepared screed, or have a screed delivered. Which would you prefer?

How to screed a terrace

Creating a terrace, how do you do that? Which screed do you use best? Discover our advice for screeding a terrace.

Minimum thickness screed

Curious about the minimum thickness of screed? Discover the ideal screed thickness per type of screed and learn how to lay your screed yourself.

Minimum thickness screed underfloor heating

Which screed can be combined with underfloor heating? Which screed thickness to use? Find out the minimum thickness of screed for your project.

Make your own screed - correct proportions and price

How to make your own screed? Check the correct proportions and discover a DIY system for placing your floor structure.

Corona measures

We can't get around it, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has us in its grip.

Staenis goes to stage 2 of Climate-Kic

Climate-KIC​ presents the new start-up teams of Stage 2 and YES! Staenis​ is one of them! Many thanks for this great opportunity.

Staenis signs Green Deal for circular construction

Together with 230 other participating public and private organisations, Staenis will kick off the Green Deal Circular Building on February 22.

Staenis is committed to the circular building green deal

Through this joint commitment, construction companies, building material producers, local and regional authorities, private developers, researchers and other organisations will work together to make circular construction in Flanders a daily reality in the future.

Winner of 10 m² Staenis grids

At the last edition of the Finishing Day of the Construction Confederation, you could win 10 m² of Staenis grids.

Day of the finish

Visit us on Tuesday 27/11/2018 at the Day of the Finishing of Confederation Construction trade fair.

Screed Tool Set Winners

During the DIY fair we were allowed to raffle 2 lucky winners who each won a screed tool set worth € 78!

Circular floor construction by Staenis at the Supernovafestival tech festival

SuperNova is a one-of-a-kind event where visionary solutions, technologies and insights come together.

Read the business story of the female half of Staenis here

​​​​This week you will find my entrepreneurial story with Staenis in nothing less than!

Staenis featured in the Bouwkroniek trade journal

​​​​The Kortrijk start-up Staenis has developed a synthetic grid that makes screeding easier. With the innovative Staenis screed system, screed (floating screed) can be laid flat and quickly.

Everyone on the screed with Staenis

For a good screed, you usually take some Portland composite cement, add some water and sand, and that's it. Simple. For an innovative idea, you take some youthful enthusiasm, a good dose of pragmatism and perseverance, and that's it. Simple. Add 1 and 2 together and you arrive at something that may seem simple, but will make the lives of many screed installers easier. Daisy and Tom, managers of Staenis and holders of their first patent in construction, are speaking.

Hangar K pioneers with West Flemish start-ups

​​​​Finally, the province of West Flanders also has one. A start-up incubator, although we can't really call it that. Hangar K in Kortrijk is a co-creation hub, where young companies and established values ​​such as Barco and Unilin sit side by side.

Staenis spotted in the brand-new Polycaro

Even the most handy DIY-ers rarely if ever dare to place a floating screed or 'screed'. The West Flemish start-up Staenis wants to change that.

Staenis present at the DIY fair in Temse

At the DIY fair we show how you can place your heating, shower, built-in toilet, windows & doors, furniture & kitchens, screed, home automation, flat roof, floor & interior doors. You'll find all the information you need to get the job done yourself. In addition, experienced installers are available on every stand to answer all your questions. Come to the free Self-build fair in Temse on 21/4 and get started immediately at home!

Aftermovie study event 15/05

​​​The results are in, here is the aftermovie of our study event last Thursday! Thank you to all attendees, partners and exhibitors.

Test results innovative screed with the Staenis slat

It's finally here! The long awaited test results of the Staenis grid are here! Little hint: they are promising! Come to the Staenis study event on Thursday 15 March and find out all about it.

Visit Staenis at Batibouw 2018 | Hall 5 stand 121

​Staenis is very pleased to inform you that we will be present at Batibouw 2018. There the Staenis grid will be displayed to the general public! Visit us in hall 5, booth 5121.

We just made the front page of HLN | The last news!

Long wait for someone to come and lay your screed? Why not try it yourself! The West Flemish start-up Staenis is launching a 'screed grid' and promises professional quality tailored to DIY-ers. The Livios construction site spoke with developers Tom Verstaen and Daisy Bohyn. “With our system you can save a lot of money.”

Demo day winner wants to innovate the conservative construction industry with its screed grid

​Staenis won the Demo Day pitching competition at the end of 2017. A great achievement by the start-up in the construction industry, but their ultimate ambition extends even further. “We hope that the Staenis grid will one day become a household name. Just like everyone says Pampers for nappies, Bic for ballpoint pens or Gyproc for plasterboard.”

4 start-ups in the spotlight in trends magazine

Start-ups Hack League, Happs, Doinn and Staenis talk candidly about their biggest challenges in Trends Magazine.

Staenis wins start it @ KBC award

Start-up Staenis is the winner of the Start it @KBC Award that was presented during the Demo Day. Co-founder Daisy Bohyn received the award for the remarkable progress she made in pitching, or presenting, their business idea.

Staenis wins Boleuro investor game

On Wednesday 8 March, a total of 48,350 Boleuros was invested in the companies present during our Bolero Crowdfunding Inspiration Session in Roeselare. The winner of the 'Boleuro Investor Game' was Staenis with 11,050 Boleuros!

Tom Verstaen crowns himself Belgian tile-laying champion

And whether Tom Verstaen was nervous about his participation in the Belgian Tiling Championship in Ghent. So much so that he had a hard time falling asleep the night before! Initially, the 25-year-old East Fleming thought that a silver medal was the highest achievable for him, but as the two-day race progressed, he sensed his chance and took (just) gold.

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