How to screed a bathroom

by Staenis | 18/06/2021

How to do your own bathroom

Is there a new floor in your bathroom? Remember, for a durable and even bathroom floor you need a strong screed. This forms the ideal base for your chosen floor finish. Discover how you can lay your own screed in your bathroom, even if you have no experience.

Screeding a bathroom? Use a handy DIY system.

The screed in your bathroom must be placed in such a way that no unevenness, cracks or tears can occur. If you, as a handyman, want to lay your screed or screed yourself, it is best to use a reliable tool: the Staenis grid. This handy DIY system has been specially developed for DIYers. It consists of battens and height-adjustable legs, which are easy to place level. A suitable filler, such as screed, insulating screed or levelling granules, is placed in the grid. Then your tiles or OSB plates will be placed on top of that. Why use the Staenis grid? If you start working with this screed grating, you can be sure that you will get a durable, even and crack-free result. Curious about this surprisingly simple way to lay your own screed? View the Staenis screed grid here and learn more about the benefits.

bathroom floor

Laying a screed in the bathroom: what do I need?

What do you need to create your own bathroom with the Staenis grid? To find out, you need to know how to finish your bathroom floor. Depending on the floor finish you want, choose the suitable filler for the screed grid. You can combine the Staenis grid with various floor finishes: tiles, natural stone, laminate, parquet, cork, vinyl and so on. Wondering which filler is best for you? Check it quickly with this floor construction tool. Discover the ideal structure for your bathroom floor in one go. Then use the quantity calculator to calculate how many fillers and grid parts you need for your project. With the help of this shopping list you can order your supplies from the Staenis webshop.

Which screed to choose for my bathroom floor?

There are various floor structures possible in a bathroom. See below for the floor finish of your choice and learn which fillers you can use to fill the Staenis grid:

  1. Bathroom floor with tiles or natural stone

    If you want to finish your bathroom floor with tiles or natural stone, you can fill the Staenis grid with sand cement screed. The drying time is then about 28 days. Would you prefer a shorter drying time, even if your screed costs a bit more? In that case, it is better to choose quick-drying screed. If your screed needs to dry quickly but also insulate well, it is best to go for tileable insulation screed. Discover the ideal floor structure for your project here.

  2. Price of bathroom with screed
  3. Bathroom floor with laminate, parquet, vinyl or cork

    Are you planning to cover your bathroom floor with laminate, parquet, vinyl or cork? Then select an insulating screed or levelling granules with OSB plates to obtain an insulating and perfectly flat screed for your bathroom. Learn more about the ideal structure for your bathroom floor.

  4. OSB

Install your bathroom floor yourself: step-by-step plan

Another good reason to use the online floor construction tool: you will immediately discover a tailor-made guide for laying your screed. Helpful placement videos also appear on the screen. In short, you can screed your bathroom yourself as follows:

  1. Place the Staenis grid and adjust the height. Tip: if you are going to use OSB panels, you should take this into account when setting the height of the Staenis grid.

  2. Secure the grid with polyurethane foam from a can. In this way the height control and the position of the grid remain correct.

  3. Fill the grid with the recommended filler. Also provide edge insulation, unless you are working with insulation screed or levelling granules and OSB boards.

  4. Finish with levelling compound (for tileable insulation screed), or with OSB boards.

  5. Finish your screed with a floor covering of your choice, which is tailored to the filler used.

Tip: if you place the Staenis grid flat in advance, you can fill it in at your leisure with a filler of your choice and finish it off. That way, you don't have to worry about the height of the grid or how long your job takes. You apply the filler with a bucket, tub, bag, etc. while you walk over the grid. You can also bring the filler in a wheelbarrow, although then you'll have to click some battens out of the grid to create a way to a good place to pour the filler.

At what heights can you set the Staenis grid?

How high can a screed be if you use the Staenis grid? Different heights are possible with this screed grid. The batten is 4.5 cm high and can be cut on-site to a height of 1.5 cm. This is useful, for example, for getting past utilities. The leg of the grid is also 4.5 cm high, the minimum height required for the smooth installation of the Staenis grid. If you use the Staenis grid to screed your bathroom, the following grid heights are possible:

  • 4.5-9 cm, with a standard Staenis leg.

  • Standard Staenis leg
  • 6.5-10.3 cm, with a standard Staenis leg and a Staenis batten placed on its side.

  • Transverse Staenis batten
  • 9-13 cm, with a standard leg with extension leg.

  • Staenis extension leg
  • From 4.5 cm + thickness plate under the Staenis grid, with a standard Staenis leg and thickness plate of your choice.

  • Staenis leg with wooden thickness plates
  • From 9 cm + thickness plate under the Staenis grid, with a standard Staenis leg, extension leg and thickness plate of your choice.

  • Staenis extension leg with wooden thickness plates

If there is not enough height available, you can create two fields of the Staenis grid next to the drainpipe, and connect them using a standard reinforcement mesh.

Are you considering screeding your bathroom yourself using the Staenis grid? A good plan, because that way you don't have to rely on a tradesman to screed it for you. By choosing the Staenis grid, you also avoid common damage. Watch a demo of the Staenis DIY system here and learn how to get started here. Off you go!

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