Show models at Sack DIY

With Staenis we respond to online visibility, but due to the collaboration with Sack Zelfbouw, we can also show the grid system offline via free visits (take into account the Coronavirus measures taken by them) to the showrooms of Sack Zelfbouw.

Sack Zelfbouw guides you to perfectly install your heating, plumbing, ventilation, bathroom, green energy systems or electricity yourself.

In the showrooms below you can find and thoroughly study all our floor structures.

The purchase and explanation of the Staenis grid is still done directly at Staenis.

Sack DIY Aarschot


Sack DIY Roeselare


Sack DIY Temse


Sack DIY Maldegem


Staenis demo

Staenis demo in Sack Self-build Roeselare, place the Staenis grid yourself
Staenis demo in Sack DIY Roeselare, press screed
Staenis demo in Sack Self-build Roeselare, explanation of floor construction
Staenis demo in Sack Self-build Roeselare, fill in Staenis grid with screed
Staenis demo in Sack Self-build Roeselare, performing screed work with the Staenis grid
Staenis demo in Sack Explaining self-build Roeselare, Staenis batten and Staenis leg how to lay screed yourself

Demo: place your floor construction yourself

Staenis demo at Sack Zelfbouw at the Zelfbouwbeurs with the Staenis grid to lay screed yourself

You can follow a 45-minute demo of the Staenis schedule via the button below.

What's on offer:

  • Technical specifications of the Staenis grid
  • Placement of the system (applicable in different rooms)
  • Explanation of the different floor structures that can be made with the system and the fillers that can be used. The advantages per filler will also be explained here.

Staenis Demo (YouTube video)
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