For which room are you looking for a floor construction?

Do you have construction or renovation plans and want to get started installing your floor structure yourself? Fantastic, we love that hands-on mentality!

Do you want to renovate the bathroom, or perhaps redecorate the attic space now that the children are getting older? Or maybe it's time for a new terrace?

Does the new floor need to be insulated or acoustically perfect? Is the structure of the house strong enough for a new floor construction? Will there be underfloor heating? Will the floor be placed on the first floor? And which floor finish do you choose?, etc.

As you can see, every floor structure has different properties and everyone has different requirements for their future floor. That is why we are happy to help you!

Choose a filler below: screed, (tileable) insulation screed, dry fillers or drainage mortar based on the space.
- Use our floor construction tool and only receive information about your specific floor construction.

a room on the ground floor

Screed as a finishing layer

"traditional screed, but 10x better reinforced"

Cracks, sagging, loosening, etc... of the floor are eliminated by dividing the floor structure into very small fields of 0.25 m2. Due to the division, you no longer need expansion joints (with the exception of doorways) and an uncoupling mat. Tested by Ghent University, with control of the BBRI.

±100 kg/m²/7cm - very high carrying capacity

with screed

ground floor, first floor or attic space

Tileable insulation screed

"insulating and 10x lighter replacement for screed"

This by applying insulating screed in the Staenis grid. The insulating screed can be tiled directly (tile version) or an OSB can be fixed to the grid.

±12 kg/m²/7cm - high carrying capacity

With insulating screed

attic space

Dry Fillers With Wood Finish

"10x environmentally friendly dry floor"

This by applying dry fillers, as opposed to a traditional screed. The circular floor structure with Staenis grid is removable and can be reused without waste.

±35 kg/m²/7cm - low to medium carrying capacity

With dry fillers

terrace, driveway or garden house

Drainage mortar

"10x more durable and draining terrace"

By combining the Staenis grid with a draining filler, you ensure that moisture and tension do not affect the lifespan of your new terrace and you go for a correct terrace construction.

±100 kg/m²/7cm - very high carrying capacity

With drainage mortar

After choosing the filler you can proceed to our floor construction tool for more specific information.

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