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Compare the possible floor structures

Measure your space

Laying plan Staenis grid

You need this: the number of m², the heights and is it for the ground floor, an upper floor, or for outside?

Choose a floor structure

Choose floor structure

You can create different types of floor structures with the Staenis grid, each with their own advantages.


Calculate, order online and delivered to your home


Screed calculator

Calculator for screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar, cellular concrete granules and the Staenis grid

Quantity calculator + cost calculation via email

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Your purchase of the Staenis grid, fillers and installation tools is done online:

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Fill in the Staenis grid

Place, fill, level, done! Child's play!

Professional end result

Staenis grid result

Enjoy your floor!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces do I need?
Usually it is calculated that 8 slats and 5 legs are needed per m², but this depends on room to room. Use our Staenis Laying Plan Tool or quantity calculator. This way you will find out exactly how many slats and legs you need.

Which floor construction and filler should I choose?
Determine with the Staenis floor structure overview in 1,2,3 what the best floor structure could be for your yard. You can also view the following links for more information: screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar and dry fillers.

What is the minimum height?
The slats are 4.5 cm high, but they can be cut on-site to 1.5 cm. This is to accommodate any passing utilities pipes, cable, etc.

What is the maximum height?
The Staenis grid can be adjusted with the standard leg up to 9 cm. This can be extended with a Staenis extension leg to 13 cm, or place a block of insulation, stone or wood (e.g. leftover tiles or insulation board) to raise it further.

I would like to see the product first!
This is perfectly possible. You can view the demo of the Staenis grid here. In addition, you can always visit the Staenis schedule during opening hours at the showrooms of Sack Zelfbouw.

Can I still pass with a barrow after placing the grid?
To avoid this problem, we recommend that you build up the Staenis grid row by row. This way you can always take the barrow up to a compartment and you don't have to do any heavy work.

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