Lay your dry floor yourself

Install a dry floor

By using dry products in combination with the Staenis grid, I can cover my floor easily and immediately with an OSB (or Durelis) and finish it with a floor covering such as laminate, parquet, etc. so that my floor construction becomes reusable/circular/environmentally friendly and so that I can help protect the climate.

The Staenis grid serves as an easily adjustable wooden grid and is ideal for the attic. You can fill the grid with load-bearing fillers such as recycled cellular concrete granules or non-load-bearing fillers (provided the grid is reinforced) such as rock wool insulation, lime-hemp or without filler .

By combining the Staenis grid with recycled cellular concrete granules and OSB, you save expensive plaster fibre boards (25 euros/m²) and expensive levelling granules (20 euros/50L).

You can screw the OSB or Durelis into the slats of the Staenis grid. Insulating, sound and fire-resistant floor construction, depending on the filler and cladding used.

30 kg fewer CO² emissions per m² = 10 x fewer CO² emissions compared to screed

Floor construction filter tool

Which floor structure should I choose?

With the outcome of the floor construction tool, you will receive specific information about your own specific screed floor construction.

Easily find your ideal floor structure

Placement video

Bearing fillers

Non-load bearing fillers


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