Simply place your (screed,...) floor structure yourself with the Staenis grid, professional end result, no experience necessary.

The Staenis grid is a self-build system for small surfaces and makes it possible to easily create your living space, bathroom, attic, garden house and terrace floor construction yourself.

Insulating - lightweight - draining - quick drying - circular

Chape or OSB as finish - can be covered with all types of floor coverings

Easy as 1,2,3

1. Place

Placing the Staenis grid with screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers

A modular grid system, consisting of slats and height-adjustable legs, which are super easy to level.

2. Fill in

Fill in the Staenis grid with screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers

Choose between screed, insulating screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers. This way you can immediately tile it or screw on an OSB plate first.

3. Flatten

Simply flatten the Staenis grid with screed on the screeds

During pressing and leveling, you can always follow the height reference points of the Staenis grid without any effort.

The Staenisgrid

Explanation Staenis grid

End result

Can be covered directly

Can be directly tiled or covered with tiles, parquet, ...

When using screed, tileable insulating screed or drainage mortar.

OSB as an intermediate layer

OSB as an intermediate layer

When using insulating screed and dry fillers.

Placement options

Staenis grid specifications

Reinforcement grid of 50 x 50 cm, height adjustable from 4.5 to 9 cm. With extension legs up to 13 cm.

Staenis grid placement

Place the Staenis grid at the correct height using a screwdriver and smooth the filler into the grid.

Shorten the staenis grid

You can easily shorten the grid for openings of less than 110 cm or for connections to walls.

Cheaper, faster and better

It costs (often) less

The Staenis grid costs less kost

With a small area you save a lot. For large surfaces, you should look at the many technical advantages per type of floor construction and the replacement of other building products for the savings.

Do it yourself, do it right away

Place the Staenis grid whenever it suits you

Place your floor structure when it suits you. This way you don't have to wait for anyone and you avoid delays, but above all you get a good portion of satisfaction when you see the result afterwards.

A better floor structure

Advantages: no tension in the screed

In addition to screed, there are also fillers that can be used to solve other situations. These respond to a low weight, the insulation value, the drainage, the reusability, etc. of the floor structure.


living space

screed floor

The Staenis grid divides the shrinkage stresses into squares, so that you avoid cracks, sagging and loosening joints in your floor finish. Tested by Ghent University, with control of the BBRI.

Bathroom and attic

Insulation screed insulation mortar floor

The small packaging makes it very easy to get everything upstairs and the entrance/stairs/hall remains intact. Due to the rapid drying, e.g. tileable insulation screed the ideal filler for use in a bathroom.


Draining terrace floor without drainage mat

Tension and moisture are the 2 biggest causes of damage to a terrace. This construction with drainage mortar allows the moisture to drain off and is tension-free due to the Staenis grid, so that the tiling remains in top condition.

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if you ask them

Peter, do-it-yourselfer

Very nice and professional collaboration. Very fast response to request for quotation or additional information.

Chris, do-it-yourselfer

Mighty simple system. Much more convenient than waiting for others.

Skrolan, do-it-yourselfer

Finally... an easy way to place screed yourself. It is no longer difficult at all, a wonderful invention.

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