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The Staenis grid is an innovative leveling grid system that makes installing floors easier than ever. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional, our system makes it easy to create a firm and level base for your floor.

Our system is not only easy to use, but also versatile. It can be used with different types of floor coverings and is suitable for both small and large surfaces. Whether you want to tackle your living room, bathroom, attic, garden house or terrace floor, the Staenis grating makes it possible to create a professional floor structure without experience.

In addition, the Staenis slat offers various advantages such as insulation, lightweight, draining, quick-drying and circular. This makes it the ideal choice for your next flooring project.

Order your screed, stabilized sand, drainage mortar, insulation screed, aerated concrete and cork granules online at Staenis. We deliver these fillers at home throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, making your floor projects even easier.

System patented

Easy as 1,2,3

1. Place

Placing the Staenis grid with screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers

A modular grid system, consisting of slats and height-adjustable legs, which are super-easy to level.

2. Fill in

Fill in the Staenis grid with screed, insulation screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers

Choose between screed, insulating screed, drainage mortar or dry fillers. This way you can immediately tile it or screw on an OSB sheet first.

3. Flatten

Simply level the Staenis grid using the guide bars

When damming and levelling, you can always follow the height of the Staenis grid without any effort.

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Can be covered 'directly'

When using screed, tileable insulating screed or drainage mortar.

Can be tiled directly or covered with tiles, parquet, etc. Tegel gelijmd met tegellijm op chape met Staenisrooster

OSB as an intermediate layer

When using insulating screed and dry fillers.

OSB as an intermediate layer Tegel gelijmd met tegellijm op chape met Staenisrooster
Discover the different types of floor structures

Placement on several days possible

The Staenis grid system has been designed with your convenience in mind. Whether you're working on a patio or laying a new floor in your home, our system gives you the freedom to complete your project at your own pace.

Finishing the terrace part by part

Bij Staenis begrijpen we dat het niet altijd mogelijk is om een project in één keer af te ronden. Daarom kunt u met ons systeem de chapewerken pauzeren en later hervatten, zonder dat er een uitzetvoeg* hoeft geplaatst te worden. Dit betekent dat u in uw eigen tempo kunt werken, zonder concessies te doen aan de kwaliteit van het eindresultaat. (*)

Finishing the terrace part by part

Moet u dringend weg? Geen probleem! Met ons systeem kunt u eenvoudig een vierkant afwerken en later verdergaan waar u gebleven was. Dit biedt u de flexibiliteit om uw project aan te passen aan uw schema, zonder dat u zich zorgen hoeft te maken over het creëren van ongelijke voegen of naden.

Finishing the terrace part by part

Plant u uw dekvloer over meerdere werkdagen te plaatsen? Wij raden aan om in een L-vorm te werken. Dit zorgt ervoor dat de droging uniformer kan verlopen, wat resulteert in een sterkere en duurzamere vloer.

Receive an instant price calculation with our online calculator

Calculator for screed, leveling compound, stabilized or drainage mortar and the number of bags for insulation screed or leveling and aerated concrete granules.

Are you planning to order screed, leveling compound, stabilized mortar or drainage mortar? Or do you need insulation screed or leveling and aerated concrete granules for your project? With our simple online calculator you can quickly and easily estimate the cost of your project. Simply enter the details of your project and our calculator will generate a personalized cost estimate for your specific flooring needs.

But that's not all. By choosing Staenis for your next flooring project, you not only save time and in most cases money, but you also benefit from the quality and reliability of our products. Our leveling grating system is designed to make floor installation easier than ever, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional.

So what are you waiting for? Try our online calculator today and discover how Staenis can take your flooring projects to the next level.

DIY = Satisfaction

Satisfied Customers Staenis

Place your floor structure when it suits you. This way you don't have to wait for anyone and you avoid delays, but above all you get great satisfaction when you see the result at the end.

New: Staenis leveling grid

The Staenis Leveling Grid is an innovative solution that considerably facilitates the installation of leveling compound and adhesive screed. By offering an adjustable range between 10 mm and 50 mm, this system makes it possible to easily create a flat and stable surface for floor finishes. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can benefit from the advantages of this system, such as saving time and better protection of the floor finish against cracks and tears.

Customer review

Peter, DIY-er

Very nice and professional collaboration. Very fast response to request for quotation or additional information.

Chris, DIY-er

Very simple system. Much more convenient than waiting for others.

Skrolan, DIY-er

Finally... an easy way to place screed yourself. It is no longer difficult at all, a wonderful invention.

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