Staenis is committed to the circular building green deal

by Staenis | 19/02/2019

Through this joint commitment, construction companies, building material producers, local and regional authorities, private developers, researchers and other organisations will work together to make circular construction in Flanders a daily reality in the future.

Why Circular Building?

The construction sector has a major impact on the total use of materials in Flanders: about 30 to 40% of our waste comes from construction. The way we build and live also has a great impact on our CO2 footprint. Due to the size of the sector and the total volume of materials, a joint change towards a circular economy really makes the difference.

Construction is also a typical environment where various sectors work together to achieve better results. So there is great potential here to connect the links in the chain as much as possible, certainly because this chain takes place mainly here, locally.

What does the Green Deal entail?

The Green Deal focuses on doing and learning together. The participants start experiments and bring their knowledge and experience together in a learning network. We test tools, methodologies and new forms of chain collaboration.

In addition, a research group supports the so-called 'preconditions': these are legal, economic and other barriers that we encounter along the way. Data and experiences from the experiments feed this research. Together we formulate solutions.

About four times a year we bring the participants of the Green Deal together to inspire them with Flemish and foreign cases. During these days we get to work with the practical issues that the participants raise, with tools and measuring instruments. Together we discover what the switch to a circular economy means for the construction sector. The inspiration days of 2019 will take place on 26 March, 23 May, 3 October and 5 December.

Because some organisations already have some experience and the subject matter is still completely new for others, we will offer an online basic training course. This gives each participant the opportunity to learn at their own pace, at times that suit them best.

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Staenis engageert zich voor de green deal circulair bouwen
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