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by Staenis | 23/04/2021

Is buying prepared screed a good idea?

A screed or screed is a must-have for a solid floor. To install a screed, you need screed that is tailored to your project. You can make your own screed, buy ready-made screed in bags, or have a screed silo supplied with ready-made screed. Find out which option is best for you.

Which screed do I need?

The screed, also called the base or subfloor, is the layer between the supporting floor and your tiles, laminate or parquet. Screed usually consists of sand, cement and water. The exact composition differs for each type. The best type of screed to use depends on how your floor is constructed and what the screed is in contact with. Find the most suitable floor structure for your floor and discover which type of screed you need for your project. If you are going to place your screed yourself with the handy Staenis DIY system, you will use screed with a ratio of one part cement to five parts coarse river sand. Get started with the user-friendly Staenis grid and save on your project.

Make your own screed or buy prepared screed?

How do you get the screed you need for your job? If you only need a small amount of screed, you can easily make your screed yourself. For that you buy bags of sand and cement. Mix the contents with water in a concrete mixer. That way you can choose how much screed you make. Making your own screed is also cheaper than buying prepared screed, but it takes time and energy. So, if you have to screed a large surface area, it is better to have a screed silo with prepared screed delivered to your site. Wondering how much screed you need for your job? Find the ideal floor structure for your floor here and use the handy quantity calculator.

concrete mixer

Buying prepared screed for a small area

Do you just need to screed a smaller area and want to make it easy on yourself? Then simply buy ready-made screed in bags from a building trade or do-it-yourself store. You can easily mix this prepared screed with water in a concrete mixer. That way you can choose how much screed you make and you immediately have the right mixing ratio. Please note, this solution is especially suitable for smaller areas. It is not the most budget-friendly solution for large areas. Want to lay your screed yourself, but no experience? Discover Staenis' handy DIY system.

Have ready-made screed delivered, or pick up at a concrete plant

If you have prepared screed delivered or collected from a concrete plant, you immediately have the correct mixing ratio. You also quickly have large quantities of ready-to-use screed. Please note, as soon as the screed has been delivered, you must use it immediately. You need to take this into account in your planning. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you will not need all your ready-made screed, which means that you may have surplus screed. If you want to avoid this, it is better to choose a screed silo.

concrete screed depot

Have prepared screed delivered in a screed silo

Why not have screed silo with prepared screed delivered to your site? That is much more convenient and more comfortable to work than the previous options. With a screed silo you decide when you carry out the work. Because fresh screed is always made per wheelbarrow, you are not under time pressure and there are no leftovers. Also, with a screed from a screed silo you only pay for the cement and sand, and not for the water you add. Please note: for the delivery of a screed silo, your driveway must be large enough to place the screed silo. The truck that delivers the silo is 12 metres long, weighs 40 tons and places the silo (3 x 3 metres in size) just behind it on the ground. Something to keep in mind. Buy screed from a screed silo via the webshop.

Megamix silo

Easily lay your screed yourself

Haven't contacted a tradesman yet for laying your screed? Even if you have no experience, you can easily place your screed floor construction yourself. With the Staenis DIY system, you can install your floor structure quickly and flat, without the risk of cracks. This will save you a lot of money and you can also choose when you get started. The Staenis screed grid divides the surface into squares of 0.25 m². If you work with this screed grid, you can always stop screeding after completing a full square until the load is empty. WIth a silo, you can stop after a full square whenever you want. If you work with ready-made screed in bags, your job will probably take a little longer. That is not a problem, however. You can finish square by square, without having to place an expansion joint in those places. Discover all the advantages of the Staenis DIY system and view inspiring projects.

Lay your own screed

Save with the Staenis DIY system

How do you get started with the Staenis screed grid? The plastic Staenis grid consists of battens and height-adjustable legs, which you quickly click together and adjust in height with a screwdriver. Your screed will be placed in these grids. While damming and levelling, you can easily follow the height reference points of the Staenis grid. Use the Staenis floor construction tool to see what the best floor construction is for your site. You can easily order your Staenis grid, your screed silo with ready-made screed and the placement tool online.

You can make your own screed, but you can also have ready-made screed delivered in a screed silo, or buy prepared screed in bags. With a screed silo you are not under time pressure and there is none left over. Buy screed from a screed silo here via the Staenis webshop. Tip: you can save a lot by installing your screed yourself with the self-build system from Staenis. Even without experience you will obtain an even, firm and crack-free screed. Discover the ideal floor structure for your project here and get started like a pro.

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