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by Staenis | 24/04/2021

Screed price: what is the cost price of screed in 2021?

Planning to lay a floor? Then you should definitely go for a screed. This forms an even, solid base for your floor finish. You can also put pipes and underfloor heating in it. But what is the price of screed per m2? Discover everything you want to know about the cost price of screed and check the current screed prices.

What is the price of screed?

The price of screed depends on various factors, including the surface area of your floor. The larger the surface, the lower the cost price of your screed per m2 will be. The thickness of your screed also plays a role. The thicker the screed layer, the higher the screed price per m2. The type of screed that is used also determines the screed price per m2. For example, the price of quick-drying screed is much higher than that of a traditional screed. The level of difficulty of the works can also play a role. If you have a small space to screed, with many corners and sides, you may pay a higher screed price per m2. Finally, the region where the screed work is carried out can influence the price. The price of screed can therefore vary, just like the price of the screed works. To make it easier for you, in this article we share the average price of screed per m2.

Price screed

Want to save on your project? Then lay your screed yourself using a handy DIY system: the Staenis grid. Find out quickly how it works and find the ideal floor structure for your project. You can easily order your screed silo and your supplies via this webshop.

How much does screed cost per m2?

It is difficult to provide the exact price of screed per m2 for your project. After all, every project looks different. We can pass on the average price of screed per m2. For a traditional reinforced sand-cement screed of 8 cm thick with a minimum of reinforcement, edge insulation and membrane, the price is on average 20 to 22 euros per square metre. Flat rates are often charged for small areas of up to 40 to 60 m². As we indicated earlier, the type of screed used also determines the screed price. The price of quick-drying screed, for example, is much higher than that of traditional sand-cement screed, because special additives have been added. Below you will discover the price of screed per m2 for various types of screed. Not hired a screeder yet? Then consider installing your screed yourself using the handy Staenis grid. In this way you save the fixed costs of a screeder and you obtain a higher quality screed with many technical advantages.

The price of insulation screed per m3

If you only have a limited construction height available for insulation and the screed, it may be a good option to only go for an insulation screed under the screed. This way you don't need an extra layer of floor insulation boards and you gain construction height. The screed price of insulation screed is on average 150 to 180 euros per m3. The final price of this screed per m3 depends on the type of insulation material, the number of square metres and the thickness of the floor. Do you want to lay your insulation screed yourself? Then buy ready-to-use insulation screed in bags. It is easy to make with a mixer or concrete mixer. You can easily determine the height with a laser. You can also use this insulation screed as a filler in the Staenis grid. In this way you can fill your floor in a way that is light and provides good insulation and clad it with OSB. Discover here how you can easily lay your own insulation screed using the Staenis grid.

Price of insulation screed

The price of anhydrite screed per m2

Anhydrite screed is a flow screed that is bonded on the basis of gypsum instead of cement. The minimum thickness is only 30 millimetres, an important advantage for renovation in rooms with a low floor construction height. Furthermore, this flow screed is often used in large construction projects (industry, office buildings, garages, etc.). For an anhydrite screed of 5 cm thick, the screed price is on average around 20 euros per square metre. It is important to know that most tilers do not like to tile on an anhydrite screed, although it is possible with the right solutions.

The price of quick-drying screed per m2

Quick-drying screed is a traditional screed to which special additives have been added for rapid drying. With quick-drying screed, the drying time of your screed is only 14 to 16 days or less. If it has to be done very quickly, the drying time can be reduced to 2 to 4 days. On the other hand, there is always a higher screed price for this. For quick-drying screed you can easily charge a few euros extra per m² compared to normal screed. Prices quickly vary between 1.3 and 2.5 euros per m² for a thickness of 6 cm. The faster the drying time, the higher the screed price. Not sure which screed you need? Discover the ideal floor structure for your project here.

The price of screed and stabilised sand in a screed silo

You can make your own screed, but you can also buy prepared screed in bags or have ready-made screed delivered in a screed silo. If you have a screed silo delivered to your site, you can decide for yourself when you carry out the work. Because fresh screed is always made by the wheelbarrow, there are no leftovers. The price of screed in a screed silo is a minimum of EUR 50 per tonne. In addition, a cost for the delivery and collection of the silo. This cost varies by province. Find out here how much screed you need for your job and buy screed or stabilised sand from a silo via the webshop.

Do you want to save money by laying your screed yourself? With the innovative Staenis DIY system you can install your floor structure quickly and flat, even if you are not a seasoned handyman. Use the floor construction tool and get more information about your ideal floor construction. You can easily order your supplies and screed silo online via this webshop.

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