Staenis spotted in the brand-new Polycaro

by Staenis | 18/04/2018

Even the most Handy Andy's rarely, if ever, dare to install a screed. The West Flemish start-up Staenis wants to change that. Tom Verstaen and Daisy Bohyn have developed an innovative 'screed grid' that helps professional screeders deliver quality, but for the first time also allows DIY-ers without any construction or renovation experience to lay a screed.

The Staenis grid works in a simple and well-arranged way, explains co-founder Tom Verstaen: You place one row of plastic grids, adjust it to the correct height, fill it with the screed, and then drag it flat on the top of the grid. The grid remains permanently in place and ensures a flat and crack-free screed. You also no longer have expansion joints in the middle of large spaces. The grid not only makes screeding cheaper, but the method is also just as fast as the conventional way of screeding. That is why it is also a particularly interesting innovation for professional screed installers.

At the end of last year, Staenis won the Demo Day pitch competition of Start it at KBC with the screed grid. The Staenis grid has now gone into production and will be presented at Batibouw. It is available from the webshop.

Staenis gespot in de gloednieuwe Polycaro
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