Corona measures

by Staenis | 20/03/2020

We can't get around it, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has us in its grip.

Everyone suffers from the current unusual circumstances. People who panic start to hoard, many employees are working from home, children are no longer allowed to go to school. In short, social life has come to a complete standstill. But let's make something positive of this period and maybe that's why you have the opportunity to get started with your floor construction.

Do you have a floor structure somewhere that needs to be replaced or do you have rooms that you would like to redecorate or give a new purpose? If so, then we would like to let you know that we are still available for advice and tips & tricks regarding your floor construction.

Are you interested in the Staenis grid? Be sure to request a price calculation and receive valuable information and useful tips & tricks for your specific site.

Our Staenis webshop remains open and the Staenis grid is in stock to be able to help you.

To date, most building material stores in your area are still open for collection or home delivery. Contact your building trade store for further information.

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