Our story

Staenis grew out of the practical and technical knowledge of two young entrepreneurs. Both driven by entrepreneurship and with a close knowledge within the architectural world. On the one hand, Tom has worked as a self-employed person on the workfloor of total projects for several years, as a result of which his general know-how in various branches within this industry grew strongly. On the other hand, Daisy's creative thinking as an interior architect and her design eye as a product developer provide added value within the company.

They started from a problem experienced with screed floors. They have pooled all their knowledge and experience together and can now offer high-quality solutions for anyone who wants to install a high-quality and perfectly flat floor structure without any problems.

Our mission

Staenis is a young and enterprising company that offers solutions for various floor structures. We stand for quality, reliability and respect for both DIY-ers and professionals in the field. We want to launch products where everyone (with or without experience in the construction world) can install the perfect floor structure, whereby the simplicity and flexibility of the installation are paramount.

Our vision

With Staenis we aim to put innovative products on the market that ensure that the quality of contemporary floor structures is raised. In a short period of time, the Staenis team will give the Staenis grid name recognition and shape a new way of creating floor structures in the market. With Staenis, we also want to focus on sustainability in parallel. We are always looking for alternative fillers and continue to develop innovative systems to meet the changing society and its consequences. We want to go there to contribute to nature by using materials that have a positive climate impact and thus reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

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