Manual and important points of attention for the Staenis grid
Insulation screed, finished with OSB or Durelis sheets

Processing temperature

Only place insulation screed at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C, this ensures that the insulation screed will not become silted or come loose. Also make sure that the insulation screed feels fresh/cold when placed or that the ambient temperature does not fall below 5°C.

Placement method

* Insulation screed is so light that you can easily walk over the grid with tileable insulation screed with a filled tub and pour it into the Staenis grid.

Placement of the Staenis grid

Height adjustment

You can achieve the highest degree of flatness with a laser that corresponds to a line on a wooden tool / lath or folding rule. Once you use a digital receiver, the insulation screed will in any case cause differences in height of a few mm. A digital spirit level is also not recommended. Try to use a digital receiver or spirit level only to set out a number of points, in order to adjust everything in between by means of a vertical adjustment, a tensioned rope or aluminium rule.


We ask you to pay close attention to the height adjustment during installation and to regularly check the flatness with a long aluminium rule or laser.

Placement of insulation screed

Placement of the OSB or Durelis sheet

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