Leveling compound on concrete

Leveling floor structure 1 - Choose a different floor structure

1mm-5cm - concrete slab - leveling compound - absorbent surfaces - non-moisture-sensitive floor coverings such as tiles

With the Staenis leveling compound grid you can easily determine the correct height of the leveling compound to be placed. The system also has a light crack-bridging effect.

Leveling compound on concrete


With the leveling compound grid you can easily level and reinforce uneven surfaces with a height between 1 mm and 5 cm (from 1 cm to 5 cm also possible with an adhesive screed) .

With the leveling grid you can easily determine the correct height of the leveling compound to be placed. The system also has a light crack-bridging effect.

Floor construction manual

Side view floor construction


  1. Concrete
  2. Standard primer or epoxy primer against moisture
  3. Staenis leveling compound grid (thickness from 1 cm to 3 cm)
  4. Apply edge insulation if necessary
  5. Leveling compound
  6. Double bonding with S1 Flex Tile Adhesive
  7. Non-moisture-sensitive floor coverings such as tiles
  8. Water-resistant, coloured joint mortar
  9. Plinth
  10. flexible silicone
Leveling floor structure 1

We deliver leveling compound and the suitable primer to your home

Leveling compound and primer for screed or tileable insulation screed

This cement leveling compound, which can handle layer thicknesses of up to 10 mm, is ideal for leveling, leveling and smoothing tileable insulation screed and screed screed floors.

This layer of leveling compound ensures that the rough surface of the insulation screed is nicely smoothed out, making tiling much easier.

Fast-drying dispersion primer for the pre-treatment of tileable insulation screed/insulation mortar, screed or concrete. Strengthens the top layer and ensures that the tile adhesive/leveling compound adheres better and dries out less quickly on the absorbent surface.

Tip: The consumption of tileable insulation screed/insulation mortar is much higher than that of screed. You can solve this by adding water to the primer, depending on the number of m².

We deliver screed leveling to your home


Paris Slim: cement leveling compound, suitable for layer thicknesses from 5 to 50 mm, is the perfect choice for leveling and leveling concrete surfaces. Although the use of the leveling grid is not necessary, it can be used for extra certainty in flatness and reinforcement. Paris Slim offers a flexible and efficient solution for creating a smooth and level base for all your flooring projects.

Filter quantity calculator (estimate)

0.81 m³
5 L
Amount of levelling compound or tile adhesive
62 bags of 25 kg

Cost calculation (optional)

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