Insulating screed floor construction 6

+12.5 cm - first floor, ground floor, cellar, etc. - with wooden grid, insulating screed as substrate - parquet, laminate, cork, carpet and vinyl

Insulating screed floor construction 6

Why the Staenis grid

This light floor structure forms an ideal insulated surface for your parquet, laminate, cork, carpet, etc. After a few days of curing, you can cover the insulating screed with a wooden OSB or Durelis sheet and screw it on to the Staenis grid, which in this instance serves as a wooden grid.


  • Achieving a perfect end result without any experience
  • Can be clad after 3 days with wooden Durelis or OSB panels
  • Can be covered directly with many types of floor finish
  • Lightweight (10 x lighter than a sand cement screed) and sound-absorbing floor
  • Possibility to insulate your low floor construction over the full thickness.
  • Spread screed work over several days (no stress during installation)
Insulating screed floor construction

Floor construction manual

  1. Place the Staenis grid and adjust it to the correct height with a screwdriver. Use sawn wooden blocks under the Staenis legs to adjust higher (Staenis extension legs cannot be used for this).
  2. Mix the ready-to-use insulating screed from bags with water (+ the bag of additives) and pour it into the grid. Flatten these with a screed iron on top of the Staenis grid.
  3. Plaats hierop minimaal een OSB van 18 mm dikte. Schroef de houten plaat vast in de latten van het Staenisrooster.

Side view floor construction

View this floor construction in reality via Sack Zelfbouw


  1. Wooden grid
  2. Wooden plate
  3. Pipes (heating, electricity, drainage, etc.)
  4. Wooden blocks 9 x 9 cm
  5. Stainless steel grid (thickness from 4.5 to 9 cm)
  6. Insulation screed
  7. OSB board or Durelis tongue-and-groove board
  8. Subfloor / felt
  9. Floating floor covering, etc.
  10. Plinth
Insulating screed floor construction 6

Placement video

Placement of the Staenis grid

Placement of insulation screed

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  • Such as screed, stabilised sand and drainage mortar supplied in a silo
  • (tileable) insulation screed supplied in bags
  • Recycled cellular concrete granules supplied in bags.
  • As well as the installation material to place these flat, such as the Staenis grid, sanding board and screeding iron.
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