Can I finish the floor with tiles if I choose a floor construction with dry fillers?

Yes that is possible. There are 2 solutions for this:

  • glued tiles: You only need to add a decoupling layer to the floor structure. For example, by placing an uncoupling mat on the wooden plates and tiling on top. This decoupling layer is necessary because wood will 'live' throughout its life through expansion and contraction. This creates a different coefficient of expansion than with tiles, which could cause them to crack and even break.
  • non-glued tiles: Drytile is a tile that no longer needs to be glued to the substrate. This tile has a cork layer on the underside of the tile that absorbs itself, as it were, on the substrate. Note: a perfectly flat surface is required for this, as it is no longer possible to play with height in the adhesive as you can with glued tiles.

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