Placing insulating screed without a grid?

Standard insulation screed can be installed without a Staenis grid, but a sand-cement screed or screed is always placed above it.

If you place the standard insulation screed with Staenis grid, you can place flatter insulation boards above it (+ screed screed) or screw OSB directly to the grid.

You always install tileable insulation screed with the Staenis grid. This gives you a flat surface so that tiling is possible and it is reinforced so that your tiles are protected.

If you place tileable insulation screed without the Staenis grid, the insulation screed will be more than 2 cm uneven, making tiling impossible and difficult to estimate the height in advance.

Also keep in mind that tileable insulation screed contains much more cement and you will therefore also create it with more water. As a result, the tileable insulation screed shrinks more and it becomes easier to bulge when it dries. The squares of the Staenis grid absorb this, so that the height remains the same and you can always tile the floor afterwards.

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