How do I install the Staenis grid filled with drainage mortar?

  1. Fill in the Staenis grid with drainage mortar and place it just slightly higher than the top surface of the grid. Try to lightly press the drainage mortar with your trowel or long screeding iron.
  2. Take a long screeding iron or aluminium rule and scrape all the excess drainage mortar off the grid. This means that it is now at the same height as the top surface of the grid.
  3. Sprinkle some screed with your hand on the surface and rub it with a large sanding board. This will fill in all irregularities. Make sure that you do not create a depression or a mound in the compartment and that you always remain flat.
  4. For extra adhesion and flatness, take back the screeding iron and polish the screed by slightly tilting the screeding iron and scraping it over the surface.
  5. Check and correct each square for flatness to avoid cavities in the grid. This is a very important step that must be followed carefully.

* Only manually press / polish the drainage mortar and screed with a screeding iron and compact with a large sanding board. Do not press it with your feet, this can cause height differences.

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