What is the height of the Staenis grid?

Cross-section height of the Staenis grid Height adjustment Staenis grid Side view height adjustment Staenis grid

The batten is 4.5 cm high and can be cut locally to a height of 1.5 cm to accommodate passing utilities.

If desired, you can reinforce the cut slat with some mortar.

Staenis batten

The leg is 4.5 cm high. This is the minimum height required for the smooth placement of the Staenis grid.

Staenis foot

The adjusting screw is 5 cm high. This part can also be ground another 5 mm to adjust the leg from 4.5 to 5 cm.

Staenis adjustment screw

The extension leg is just the same as the leg, but turned around. This way you can adjust the Staenis grid higher.

Staenis extension leg Side view Staenis grid ventilation pipe

If you still want to level out a height that is higher than 13 cm, you can solve this by placing leftover insulation boards or leftover tiles under the legs. Make sure that they form a stable and pressure-resistant surface.

Side view height Staenis grid
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